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Free Art Instruction

Read these instructional art lessons to learn the fundamentals in art that all beginner artist’s need to know.

  1. The first lesson How to Draw – Grid Drawing will help to develop accuracy by teaching you to look at what you are drawing.
  2. The second lesson How to Draw a Bear Using Basic Shapes teaches the method of seeing shapes to use as a basic foundation to create a finished outline drawing.
  3. The third lesson is a step by step approach on How To Draw With Colored Pencils – Bluebird Casestudy.

Colored Pencil Reviews

Are you looking for information on colored pencils? There are three basic types of colored pencils. Each with specific capabilities that can produce some fantastic art.

  1. Find out what makes the best colored pencils.
  2. Learn what watercolor pencils are and tips for using them.
  3. Easily blend with some of these best pastel pencils.

Tips and tricks have been added in theses reviews to help beginners to get started in each of these art mediums.

Colored pencils in jar

Best Colored Pencils

The best colored pencils used by professional artist will usually have a higher light-fast rating!

Pastel pencils arranged in a circle

6 Best Pastel Pencils

The best pastel pencils will have the most pigment in them. More pigment means better quality and higher price!

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Picture of some gel pens

Best Gel Pens For Coloring

Research shows that the best gel pens are highly popular for adult coloring books according to many online reviews!

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